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Can I install A-TOUCH in my house?

Yes, although you need to rewire the house so that Live, Neutral and Bus are available in all switches.



Can I schedule opening or closing the shutters of my house?

Yes, although you need to have a scheduler installed in your circuit breaker. Contact us or your electrician for further help.



Can I install only one switch in my house?

Yes, all you have to do is to supply it with Live and Neutral. In this case, programming must be made with the local programming key and control through the APP is not possible.



Can I program the house myself?

Yes. You can program the house with a toothpick following the instructions of the Installation manual or, the easiest way, using the APP in a very intuitive way.



Do I need a fixed IP address to control the house from anywhere?

No, all you need is to have a dynamic DNS service that makes it for you. You can make an account at DYNDNS, NO-IP or any other similar service.



 Can I control my air conditioning?

Yes if it has an infrared remote control. The A-TOUCH air conditioning command allows you to switch the unit on and off after it learns the original infrared commands.




A-TOUCHINTER, LDA. is a Portuguese company that develops, produces and sells all the products of A-TOUCH.
Being part of the group Bernardo da Costa, it relies on the large commercial experience of the group and logistic
and technical support of a team distributed through several locations in Portugal and abroad.
Our mission is the creation of easy to install and easy to use domotics solutions for the construction market,
providing more comfort to our customers and contributing significantly to higher energy efficiency.
Our main objective is the satisfaction of all our customers with exemplary service and technical support.
By providing a simple and open integration platform to system integrators, through which that they can
communicate with our devices in a reliable, comfortable and rapid way without need to use any kind of adapter,
we aim it to become a widely accepted communication protocol for smart home systems that may be used by
everyone, both integrators and manufacturers.

For example, you can order one touch panel 100% tailor-made for you: just send us the picture you want
to see on the panel and we will produce it accordingly.
We also have solutions for touch control through stone panels, ceramic or other materials.
Please contact us on for more information.
A-TOUCHINTER, LDA. is a Portuguese company that develops, produces and sells all the products of A-TOUCH. A-TOUCH develops personalized solutions for housing developments, hotels or even a single switch. A-TOUCH is constantly searching for motivated people that like new technologies, both for our company as well as commercial or technical partners. We publish a technical newsletter every month that explains one functionality of one of our products and gives 3 utilization tips.
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